Stephanie Ney

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This panel is about my father, Ole Sove. It's really a love story and in many ways an iconic WWII romance. He and his two brothers joined the Allied forces in 1939 when Hitler invaded Norway. The Norwegian merchant fleet was the world's second largest and was essential for bringing munitions and supplies to ports worldwide. My father was torpedoed twice, once right off the coast of NC where his ship, the S/S Nordal sank. His youngest brother died in a U-boat attack in the South China Sea. Ole continued his service till the war's end. He wrote letters from every port to a young woman he had met when on shore leave in NYC. They went dancing together whenever his ship docked in NY harbor. I've included one of a collection of nightclub photos. Despite the terrible danger there were glamorous and romantic times too. They married in 1946 and produced a baby boomer in 1947 (me.) My parents lived together in Brooklyn until Ole's death in 1981.