Pauline Jakobsberg

Jakobsberg_ Pauline.jpg

Louisa Cohen was born in the US in 1874 to German/Jewish immigrants. At an early age, she and her family immigrated to Germany, where she eventually married and then raised two daughters. By the 1930s her daughters had families of their own, and her husband had recently died, so Louisa thought a trip to America for a short visit would be a good change from the political atmosphere in Germany. With a US citizenship, she was able to leave in January, 1937, not realizing that she would never be able to return. One daughter whom she would never see again perished in the Holocaust; the other managed to get visas with her husband and son to Bolivia, as late as 1939. They immigrated to the US in 1946 and mother and daughter were reunited. Louisa's grandson married the artist that did this panel.