Paris Agreement Thank You

Local artists protested the President’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement (Accord de Paris), while thanking those countries that continue to uphold it. GuerillArt (part of DC’s ArtWatch) implemented ArtWatchAccord on Sunday night, 18 June 2017, in which they delivered small bundles of bamboo with an explanatory note to the embassies of 173 countries that continue to uphold the accord.

Paris Agreement Thank You

The note states:

"On behalf of the concerned cititzens of the United States who are distressed about the condition of climate change and its danger to the planet, we thank your country for remaining a member of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Please remember that many American cities, states, businesses and universities have joined in solidarity to continue with the Agreement's tenets despite the misguided choices of our current president.

With all respect, appreciation and support, we honor your committment."