Megan Peritore

Peritore_ Megan.jpg

My panel for the One House immigration project honours the strong, beautiful women who touched my life before I came to the USA from South Africa. I remember these women with a grateful heart and strive to carry them and their voices with me. Their example and wisdom is encapsulated in a cornerstone philosophy of Ubuntu. Ubuntu can be translated as you find your own humanity in your humanity to others. It's an concept of being interconnected; I am what I am because of who we all are. I wanted my panel to appear like an illustrated piece of writing from a school book. I liked that idea as it reaches back to the young me who looked to those women who have been an enduring guiding force in my life long after they have passed from this world. They are my ancestral voices. The writing on my panel also tells the story behind the self portrait wrapped in a blanket; a cherished gift that marks rite of passage and pivitol life events in many South African cultures.