Marian Figlio

Figlio_ Marian.jpg

Portrait of my great-grandmother Minda Holtzberg Robinson as an old woman. She lived to be 89. Minda travelled from Lithuania to Baltimore circa 1890 with her six sons. The youngest was not much more than six years old, he was just a baby when her husband Abner immigrated. The Czar was impressing Jewish young men into his armies never to be seen again, so they had to leave. It took Abner those six years to save enough money for Minda and all of their boys to join him. My mother, now 94, the daughter of Minda's "change-of-life" child, the daughter born in America, lived in the same house as Minda for the first 17 years of her life. My mother is full of stories and details about this woman who was born in 1850.