Manal Deeb

Deeb_ Manal.jpg

My uncle Hussein Ata Musleh (standing in the middle during his first visit back to Ramallah/Palestine, between my grandparents) immigrated to the US in 1952 - right after the 1948 war when he was driven out, at the age of 17, from his hometown birthplace Dir Tariff, Palestine (Al-Lud suburbs). Uncle Hussein found home here in the US. He studied geology sciences with a concentration in earth layers. He then worked with many US and international oil exploration companies. Uncle Hussein passed away in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2006 at age 85. The US is a better place because of uncle Hussein & the alike who escaped and are still escaping wars and displacement and who engage themselves to the advancement of America. (The panel is a digital artwork merging the history with the presence sharing the same sentiments, and a collage of old maps of origin, Dir Tariff/Palestine.)