Lucy J. Soffer Blankstein

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My Father, Louis J. Soffer
My father, Louis J. Soffer ‘s family came from Lipcani, Moldovo, Pale of the Settlement, Bessarabia. He was born in London and when a few months old, emigrated with his mother Jenny and 12 year old brother Harry to the United States. Samuel, his father had emigrated first and they settled into a coldwater flat in Brownsville, Brooklyn.
I was inspired by an early image of him that captured his handsome face and inquisitive eyes. His mother dressed him à la Little Lord Fauntleroy -one can imagine how that went over in a tough neighborhood! Louis J. (or Lulla as his mother called him) grew up to be a noted internist and an endocrinologist. He devoted his life to his patients and his family. Although not given to many words, he enjoyed being an observer, and always asked penetrating questions. My only regrets are the questions that I never asked. - Lucy Soffer Blankstein