Liliane Blom

The panel has little paper airplanes and boats shuttling back and forth across the Atlantic. That is my immigration story going back to 1905 with two failed immigration attempts and now endless shuttling across the Atlantic ocean. My family has been on the move it seems for generations.

Hans Blom - My Norwegian paternal grandfather, came to the US in 1905 (Ellis Island records) as a young engineer - He was 27 and had $28.00 with him. No one knows what he did while he was here or how long he stayed.

Joseph Louis Marie Barrault - My French maternal great-grandfather came to the US in 1915 (Ellis Island records) at the age of 47 as a railroad agent. He was here to purchase railroad ties for the Louisiana railroads. He was trapped by WWI and was not able to return to his family until after the great war.

Anton Blom/Elizabeth Marie Susanne Barrault - My Norwegian Father and French mother came to the US in 1981 and stayed for four years. My dad came to work as the foreign correspondent for the Norwegian Broadcast System. My mom was born and spent her childhood in Cambodia (French Indochina) and her adolescence in Mali (French colony at that time).

Liliane Marie Blom - I believe in building bridges, in keeping doors open and in the dream of a world without borders. It seems a bit absurd now, it did not when I was growing up...
I was born in Norway, spent six years as a child in Germany and have lived in the US since I finished high school. I fell in love with another immigrant. My two children have four grandparents from four different countries. Norway- France-Costa Rica- Guatemala. I was happy to leave Norway at 18 and come to the US. It was a great adventure. After 30 years I am still not a US citizen. I have been waiting for Norway to pass a law permitting dual citizenship for decades. I would like to be able to vote.

Gabriel Sigurd Cabrera - My son, born in the US, moved to Norway after finishing high school and is now studying physics at the University of Oslo. He has a Swedish fiancé and plans to stay in Norway. He does not like the political system in the US but loves the food here.

Sophie Solveig Cabrera - My daughter born in the US, spent two years in Norway after high school and now living and studying costume design in Paris. She would love to stay in Paris if that works out.