Laura Roulet

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I am an eleventh generation immigrant to this country. The earliest immigrants in my family were Richard and Elizabeth Edelen, who came to Maryland from England in 1664/5. Richard was appointed Deputy Surveyor of the Maryland Province in 1670. They had six children and grew tobacco in St. Mary’s County.
As an art historian, I added to the existing family genealogical records with my own visual art research. For my panel, I searched portraits from the mid-17th century in the British National Portrait Gallery website, which lead me to the “1642goodwyfe” blog. This portrait, possibly of Richard Streatfeild and family (ca. 1645), by painter William Dobson is of a landed gentry family that could resemble my ancestors. It’s now in the Yale Center for British Art. The map depicts the Chesapeake Bay area at the time they arrived, as recorded in 1673.
Coincidentally, over 350 years later, I am also living in Maryland with my family.