Jenny Walton

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I represented two stories. One of lore surrounding my great great grandmother Sarah Fitzallen Deering Dickey. I have grown up with rumors and stories that she was the daughter of a Cherokee Chief. However, as research has been done, it is a loose tie by common names on the rolls with no actual direct link. With each new telling of her history, she gets farther and farther away from the native heritage she had. It may forever remain a mystery. Regardless, on the tin-type that my family has, the name Mama is scrawled at the top. The second story I chose, was that of Peter Montague Jr., who a arrived in Jamestown, Va on the sailing ship "Charles" in 1621. The copy text on the panel is from his grave marker. Peter Montague Sr., is said to have been descended from King Edward the First of England and further back, William the Conquerer. Peter Montague Sr., is an "accredited James Town ancestor" with the Jamestowne Society. ( This was a revelation to find out, as it was also storied that our family came over in the great migrations from Scotland in Ireland. (