Ira Tattelman

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My grandmother Violet Wynne was born in 1890. When she was 13, her mother, Sarah (my great grandmother), remarried. Her new husband did not want children in the house. My grandmother was sent to the United States from what is now called Lithuania. Without any adult supervision, she traveled with another 13 year old girl first over land and then sea to the United States. Although sick when she arrived, she was let into the country (We believe in Boston, Massachusetts.) She had four older sisters already in the U.S. She lived with one of her older sisters but, as the story goes, her sister’s husband had his eye on her. She was sent to stay with other family members in Bangor, Maine. A native Yiddish speaker, she learned English and graduated from high school. She wanted more schooling and a life in medicine but circumstances did not allow it. She got married to Abraham Wallack, also an immigrant from Russia, and had three children, two sons and a daughter (my mother). When Sarah came alone to the United States, her daughter, Violet, took her in. Sarah lived until 1935.