Clare Winslow

Winslow_ Clare.jpg

In creating this piece I wanted to pay tribute to my ancestor Mary Chilton, who, as a teen, arrived on the Mayflower with her parents, who died soon after. Legend has it she was the first female to set foot ashore, "leaping" off one of the small boats carrying the pilgrims from the Mayflower to Plymouth Rock. I believe her story is best told through words rather than pictures. I screen-printed her "story" on handmade paper which reflects the can-do spirit of the American immigrant. The pale blue paper underneath conveys the sky she must have seen on her voyage. The top layer of paper is dyed from tea, and is meant to convey history and longevity. In emphasizing Mary's "refugee" status, I chose to draw a parallel between the immigrants of old and those who have come recently. The majority contribute mightily to this nation's well-being and are deserving of respect and dignity.